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What makes the perfect bathroom?
by Louise Philip

Hotel du Vin have some suites where there are 2 bathtubs, so you can take your relaxation time with your partner and even share a bottle of Champagne. Suddenly a necessary daily activity becomes a process of indulgence and rejuvenation. The surroundings definitely play a major part in that process, making it far more enjoyable.

The bathtubs are wide and deep, so there's plenty of room. The taps allow for very quick filling of the tubs, so you're not going to be waiting for long before you can step into that deliciously hot water. Some of the tubs are facing a flat screen TV, so you can watch your favourite programme while you soak.

If a shower is more your thing, then the monsoon shower heads provide a drenching you'll be hard pressed to find in most other hotels. You can adjust the settings so it feels like a gentle rain up to a pummelling massage.

If you want to re-create a Hotel du Vin style bathroom then visit for fixtures and fittings.

If I could describe my perfect bathroom, it would include an industrial sized tub with a fantastic view; A shower that felt like a massage;  Luxury toiletries and plenty of large, fluffy white towels; Perhaps a Champagne bucket for when the mood takes me!

What would your perfect bathroom be like?

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