The French Market Table at Hotel du Vin your Sunday lunch begins with our French Market Table. This offers a magnificent range of fresh breads, pâtés and rillettes, seafood, smoked salmon, crustacean and cured meats. As the ideal companion for this little feast, we recommend a Bloody Mary. Made to your preference, so if you like a little kick, we can notch the heat levels up a little, or a lot.


Severn & Wye Smoked Haddock
Roberto recommends Chardonnay Kendall Jackson California, USA
“The creaminess and smokiness of the Chardonnay will match well with the buttery sauce and texture of the haddock, whilst the ripeness of flavours counterbalance the spiciness of the mustard”

Spelt & Chanterelle Mushroom Risotto
Roberto recommends Cotes du Rhone Villages Boutinot, France
“It calls for something light but still earthy to go with mushrooms, a characteristic of this Cotes du Rhone is that its acidity helps cut through the richness and creaminess of the risotto”

Steak Frites
Roberto recommends Bordeaux Chateau Bauduc, France
“The high tannins character of the Bordeaux would complement perfectly with the high protein content of the steak, order it medium rare to take full enjoyment of the pairing”


Crème Brulee
Roberto recommends Tokaji 5 Puttonyos Royal Tokaji, Hungary
“The botrytis of the Tokaji matches with the creaminess of this classic French dessert, adding a stone fruit and tropical note that blends with the vanilla of the crème brulee”

Roberto recommends Tannat Alcyone, Vinedo de los Vientos, Uruguay
“This rich and off-the-beaten-track dessert wine has rich notes of chocolate and vanilla that balance with the rich chocolate sauce and the cream of the Profiteroles”


So whichever dishes you choose during your relaxing Sunday lunch, you’ll discover a perfect wine to match. And if you fancy something different from your usual, try one of these recommendations. Or ask your Sommelier on the day. Bon voyage.