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When it comes to hotel customer service the norm has always been a friendly greeting on arrival, genuine hospitality and maybe even a complimentary perk. However, things have started to change. Hotels are now looking for ways to give guests the best experience possible while taking a more ‘hands off’ approach through innovative and tech-enhanced ways to deliver quality customer service.

Take a look at some of the ways your hotel stay could be changing thanks to technology in the near future here.

Room service via smartphone

Smartphones are everywhere these days and the applications for them open a world of possibilities to the user. Contoling your hotel room is no exception with some hotels and resorts now putting the guests in control of their suites with apps that allow them to control their experience from the moment they check-in,

Imagine being able to control the television, adjust the temperature of the room and even order room service all from your own smartphone. These are features that are quickly becoming a reality in some hotels in the US.

No more room keys

Smartphone apps aren’t just all about controlling the inside of your hotel room in the future they’re quickly doing away with the need for room keys as well. For access to keyless rooms, guests must be connected to the hotel via Bluetooth. Then they can simply open their room door by holding their smartphone against the lock.

All mod cons

Today’s travellers have come to expect all the comforts of home in their hotel rooms. Unless they’re headed to a rustic retreat, guests expect the latest flat screen TVs and streaming services like Netflix, not to mention interconnected devices such as iPads and digital voice assistants. All of these devices naturally require an internet connection and a high speed one at that. A survey by showed that a high speed internet connection was a priority for 25% of leisure travellers and 44% of business travellers.

Hotel rooms are rapidly adapting to the needs and wants of today’s traveller, led in part by the advances in internet of things devices adding value to the average guest’s hotel experience. As large brands experiement with the latest in hotel technology, such as virtual reality apps that help guests pick an hotel before the book, or robots that deliver room service at any time of day or night, it’s likely that we will see the best advances start to appear in hotels across the world soon.