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Welcome to Spa du Vin, and a collection of treatments for the face and body that will leave you feeling truly spoilt.

Visit us in Birmingham, Cheltenham and Harrogate and you'll find the secluded sanctuary you've been looking for. A hotel spa dedicated to your relaxation, rejuvenation and beautification.

We've put every effort into removing any exertion on your part. That means spa rooms equipped with ESPA products, offering luxury therapeutic and holistic treatments, steam rooms, Jessica nail bars and a St Tropez tanning booth.

No matter how much time you have, all weekend, all day, or just your lunch hour, we can polish, preen, primp and pamper to get you looking and feeling your best. Together, it all adds up to you leaving feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready for anything.

So, if you're looking to treat yourself, think, Spa du Vin.

Remove the dull feeling of winter with a refreshing and rejuvenating spring treatment for £55.00 for more details click here

For details of our treaments see below


Ultimate Top to Toe Experience                      £245.00 (approx 4 ½ hrs plus lunch)

Total indulgence full day                                £155.00 (approx 3 hrs plus lunch)

Half day holistic                                            £125.00 (approx 2½ hrs plus lunch)

Yummy Mummy                                           £120.00 (approx 2½ hrs plus lunch)

HdV Spa Treat                                               £80.00 (approx 1 hr plus lunch)

For Him                                                       £145.00 (approx 3 hrs plus lunch) 


Total holistic body care                                £75.00

Full Body Massage                                       Aroma - £60.00,  Deep Tissue - £65

Back Massage                                             Aroma - £35.00,  Deep Tissue - £40

Life saving back treatment                           £50.00

Add hot stones to any massage for only        £10.00

Salt scrub                                                   £35.00

Oriental scalp massage                                £35.00            

Pre/post natal treatment                              £70.00            

Reflexology                                                 £50.00


Holistic back face & scalp treatment              £70.00

Regenerating Facial with
firming eye treatment                                  £65.00

ESPA Bespoke Facial                                    £55.00

Express facial                                              £35.00


Prescriptive manicure                                   £32.50            

Deluxe manicure                                          £37.50  

Zen spa pedicure                                          £37.50            

Deluxe zen spa pedicure                                £42.50

File & Polish                                                  £18.00            

Jessica GELeration Nails - Soak off Gel Polish

Geleration Application                                    £30.00            

Geleration Prescriptive Manicure                     £42.50            

Geleration Zen Spa Pedicure                           £47.50            


St Tropez Spray Tan                                      £22.00


Semi-permanent lash extensions                    £65.00


Full Leg                                                        £30.00

Half Leg                                                       £20.00

Underarm                                                     £15.00

Forearm                                                       £15.00

Full Arm                                                       £20.00

Eyebrows                                                     £10.00

Lip or Chin                                                     £8.00

Lip & Chin                                                    £12.00

Chest Wax                                                    £20.00

Back Wax                                                     £20.00

Chest, Back & Shoulder wax                          £40.00


Hollywood                                                     £30.00

Brazilian                                                        £25.00

Bikini                                                            £20.00

Underarm                                                      £17.00

Eyebrows                                                       £12.00

Lip or Chin                                                     £10.00

Lip & Chin                                                      £15.00


Eyebrow Tint*                                                £10.00

Eyebrow Tint* & Shape                                   £15.00            

Eyelash Tint*                                                  £15.00

Eyebrow and Eyelash Tint*                              £20.00

Eyebrow shape, Eyebrow Tint & Eyelash Tint*   £25.00

*24hr patch test is required

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