York is a historic and beautiful city, believed to date back to Roman times, and the list of York attractions is a very interesting one. This is the county town of Yorkshire and is considered by many to be the North of England's key city.

If you are looking for a cultural getaway or a romantic weekend break, then visit this walled city and let the many attractions in York inspire you. Renowned for its exquisite architecture, tangle of quaint cobbled streets, and the iconic York Minster, this city is fast developing a flourishing, cutting-edge scene. Delve into the city's vibrant café culture, take time out to enjoy some of the country's most talented street entertainers, or simply watch the world go by while sipping a drink by the river.

A city of contrasts and exciting discoveries, York is a place where the old encompasses the new and the commonplace meets the unexpected. Broaden your mind with a visit to world-class museums or attend one of the variety of festivals held throughout the year that cater for all ages and interests.


The Roman fortifications that once protected this city are definitely one of the top York attractions. You can walk the longest wall barrier in England in a few hours, and don’t forget to read the plaques along the way. You can choose to do this all with a guide if you prefer, and the tailored tours available ensure that you get the lowdown on all the most interesting events related to the wall. There are also private excursions available.



Like many of the attractions in York, this ruined Norman keep is rooted in a rather grisly past. The tower is named after Roger de Clifford, who was executed for treason in 1322 and then hung from the tower walls in chains. The views from the top of the tower are astonishing and at the summit of the hill you can take in panoramas of the city centre and the York Minster. On a clear day, you should be able to see as far as the North York Moors National Park.


It’s easy to see why this is such a beloved York tourist attraction. It’s a guided tour that covers 3 000 years of the history of chocolate and the crucial role this town played in it. Although the old Rowntree’s factory is not what it once was in the eastern part of the city, this is still where Aeros, KitKats, Milkybars, Polos, and Yorkies are produced under the Nestlé brand.



Put this on your list of things to do in York if the more gruesome elements of history are your thing! With talented actors delivering terrifying performances, live shows to scare you silly, incredible special effects, and detailed, realistic sets, this is not an endeavour for the faint-hearted. You’ll meet some of the most notorious Yorker characters throughout history but can look forward to calming your nerves in the tavern when the show is over.