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It's the very lifeblood of our bistro, bar and hotel, which is why you'll find us passionate, but not pretentious; excited, but not elitist. Far from it, we're here to help you explore, discover, enjoy and celebrate your favourites.

Our expert in-house sommeliers can draw on a cellar with up to 500 wines from around the world, along with a wine list that's as extensive as it is eclectic. It promises something for everyone - from a simplified selection of quaffable wines by the glass, to sophisticated, complex vintages from some of the world's most renowned wine makers.

How you enjoy wine at Hotel du Vin is up to you. An aromatic, rich, easy-drinking Viognier with friends in the bar. A robust, full-bodied Malbec with steak in the bistro. An informal and informative wine tasting with our sommeliers. Or perhaps a fabulous dinner and wine evening with some of the world's great producers.

Either way, we can debunk the myths, demystify the jargon, answer your questions, and help you appreciate better what you're drinking. As Alexander Pope said, "Wine lets no lover unrewarded go."


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Our very own Richard Lockstone heads to the Lombard Estate to meet the producers of our Hotel du Vin own brand Champagne.

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