If you’re a wine lover and a smartphone user, you’re in luck. There are now more wine apps on the market than anyone could possibly know what to do with. If you take a quick browse through your app store, you’ll find apps for tastings logs, wine pairing services, educational services, review databases and all manner of apps inbetween, all focussed entirely on wine. It’s a fantastic time to be an oenophile.

But which of these apps are really useful? Well that depends on what you want from your wine app. If you are truly a wine connisuer then you might appreciate an app that combines the concept of a tasting log with social networking features. However, a clever wine app that can identify wines by their label using your phone’s camera can be quite a handy tool for those looking to find out more about a given wine.

Below we’ve uncovered some of the best wine apps with something to appeal to everyone.  


The Delectable app is one for the real wine lover with a social function that sees regular updates from respected wine writers and sommeliers including Ray Isle of Food & Wine and Jay McInerney of Town & Country. If you enjoy reading about and being involved in the business of wine then Delectable is the app for you. It also has one of the best image recognition tools of all the wine apps currently available, offering fast and accurate image matching. Recently added to the Delectable app is the addition of a shop which allows you to buy wine through your phone and have it delivered to your door – what’s not to love?


Great for those who enjoy dining out in restaurants with extensive wine lists, Vivino is one of the best rated wine apps available. Much like Delectable, Vivino also features image recognition allowing you to bring up user generated reviews of the wine you’re currently drinking, or a selection of wines on a wine list helping you to make an informed decision over which bottle to pick.

Dining out is where the app comes into its own, though. Using your location data, Vivino can point you in the direction of restaurant wine lists in your immediate area. From there it can also provide data on the wines on those lists, helping you choose a restaurant based on which serves your preferred wine. It’s like having a somellier in your pocket.


If you’re looking to discover new wines then Drync might be your saviour. The app features curated lists of wines that Drync thinks you will enjoy by measuring your likes and preferences. More focussed on users who want to shop for wine online, this app also features a handy photo matching function and user-generated reviews to help guide your next wine purchase.

All of these apps are great for guiding your next choice, keeping track of the best wines you’ve discovered or impressing dining companions with your new found knowledge.