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Throughout August Hotel du Vin Edinburgh hosts a secret gin garden in partnership with Caorunn Gin, the perfect spot to enjoy a G&T during Edinburgh Festival. Caorunn's Global Brand Ambassador Lukasz Dynowiak explains their intriguing infusion process, the best way to enjoy Caorunn and what it means to be an expert in gin. 

First of all, how do we pronounce Caorunn? 

It's 'ka-roon'. If you're ever in doubt it's conveniently printed on the front of the bottle. 

Tell us a bit about yourself. What do you do?

I’m a Global Brand Ambassador for Caorunn gin. This means I get to travel the world and talk and share gin with some of the best bartenders and enthusiastic consumers. You probably didn’t imagine a job like that existed, and if you’re thinking it sounds like the best job in the world I’d probably have to agree!

Coincidentally, when im not travelling Edinburgh is my home which means the annual Edinburgh International Festival is a big part of my life. When I heard about Caorunn’s partnership with Hotel du Vin and the hidden retreat from the festival crowd that the venues Gin Garden will offer I honestly couldn’t be more excited – in fact I think you may struggle to get me out of the courtyard for the next few weeks, a hidden retreat from the busy festival crowds to kick back and enjoy a cocktail or two is always welcome!

If you were to point to one key thing that makes Caorunn special, what would it be?

The one thing that stands out and really resonates with gin drinkers is our use of local botanicals. On top of six classic botanicals you would expect to find in a London dry gin like Caorunn, Simon Buley (our Gin Master) also hand-forages five local Celtic botanicals. The Celtic botanicals; rowan berries, dandelion leaves, bog myrtle, heather and coul blush apple add to the complexity of Caorunn and are contribute to the gin’s unmistakable aromatic taste. This distinctive combination of botanicals coupled by a truly unique process by which we use a slow vapour infusion in the world’s only Copper Berry Chamber ensures every drop of Caorunn is infused with our eleven botanicals.

Tell us more about the Copper Berry Chamber?

There are two main ways of infusing gin with flavour, liquid or vapour infusion. We use the latter but the piece of kit is… unorthodox to say the least. Our Copper Berry Chamber actually started its life in the 1920s in America as a perfume still.

Once the gin has been infused, what’s the best way to enjoy it? 

Caorunn is clean and crisp in style, intense but balanced. As such it’s incredibly versatile and we see it used in new and exciting ways every day. Classic Caorunn and tonic served with a slice of apple is always a win as the apple enhances our coul blush apple botanical, however I’m also partial to a simple dry martini too to really let the gin do the talking.

And in terms of location, bar the Balmenach Distillery in Speyside where it’s made, the Caorunn Garden at Hotel du Vin in Edinburgh is the best place in the world to enjoy it this month.